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Do business also need to open a good account

purchase money, after selling things into the money, will not be calculated, the store is in the end is a loss is not known, such a business situation is now a lot of investors are facing. A reference to the cost of shop, some operators may say: "the shop is my money is mine, it is necessary to calculate it?"

In fact,

, as the operator, the day from dawn to dusk, but no matter how busy and tired, should develop good habits on accounting. Every day, every time the purchase, from the type of goods to the price, from the loss of goods until the sale, should be good account. Below I will start from their own experience, to share with you:

first in terms of commodity purchase, I will grasp a "degree". If a brand of beer sales in 500 cases per month, I can purchase a total of about 1000 boxes. Large amount of purchase, not only can let wholesalers door-to-door, you can also bargain with wholesalers, get more profits.

secondly, I will often look at the store sales of goods, to understand and grasp the shelf life of goods, as far as possible to eliminate or reduce the loss of expired goods. For example, if there is half a month from the shelf life of beer, I will attach a gift, as soon as possible, "marry" out. Note that the goods to be sold to the consumer can quickly in a short period of time the customer, if not consumed will be expired, so will the loss passed on to customers, which hurt the interests of customers, is not desirable.

shop to do business is facing the pressure of competition is also very large, if some accounts are not clear, so how to ensure that operators earn money? In short, in the course of business, there are many places to be careful. Everywhere good account, in order to operate the lucrative.

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