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Do business can not ignore the shop offer

when we are shopping, some commodities despite knowing the price, but after weighing do not know the price, if you buy more, do not know when the settlement offer will be a bit in disorderly fashion. So, collecting fees is not a simple task, there is a period of time, customers to buy things. In order to save time, I would like to weigh, after the same as in the end, I accumulated a calculator, tell the customer a total.

I think it saves time and improves efficiency. However, the customer is not satisfied. Once, a customer bought a lot of goods, spent a total of ninety yuan. When I told him the number, he frowned and said to me, "boss, can you tell me the prices of all the goods? So I can count on my heart."

I don’t understand what he’s doing, or pour out all that stuff, and tell him the same thing. At that time, I did not realize that their problems, the next day, I still do, occasionally there will be a customer asked me to inform the price. Later, my supermarket customers less and less, but I can not find what is the reason.

I was alone in the empty supermarket, so I got the sales books to read. From the book, I saw a case of failure, that is when weighing goods or the calculation of no one informed, this is an irresponsible, the owner only consider the issue from their own perspective, will lead to customer dissatisfaction.

I seriously reflect on their own practice, from then on, I will be informed of the money, and finally tell a total. An aunt saw my practice after said happily: "boss, you do very well, as before, we do not know the price of the goods, you do not know what is right or wrong, it is a muddled account." I am very glad to hear from my aunt.

do business is not a simple customer selection of goods, and then calculate the price of the owner, such a single handed delivery. In fact, the operation of goods, we must pay attention to the details, as in the same time to pay attention to the notification is a manifestation of attention to detail. Doing so will allow customers to know, thus increasing our credibility.

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