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Caidiexuan bakery how much business investment funds

can be everywhere in the small city life to see an cake Square, of course in the local number one has an bread brand, many consumers trust the brand. Such a good natural chain stores will be the restaurant investors favorite, many interested in joining an franchisees want to know how much is the brand investment funds? The following Xiaobian for everyone to make specific solutions.

Zhongshan cakeking Food Co. Ltd., formerly known as Zhongshan cakeking diet Corporation, founded in 1981. Since 1993, the overall development of the West Bakery bread chain. After years of exploration and innovation and continuous development, has now become a professional production of large food enterprises. Company is located in Zhongshan City, beautiful environment, convenient transportation, with modern plant, equipped with advanced production equipment. The company has a professional management personnel to ensure that the development of high and mid-range pastry food production and quality, so far the company has developed 3 kinds of Chinese style cakes, moon cakes and other series of more than 200 varieties of products.

caidiexuan cake selected materials, the production of fine, unique taste, innovative packaging is an eternal pursuit, the company’s products are now sold in the Pearl River Delta, by the favor of customers, the annual sales increased year by year, "an enduring brand".

caidiexuan bakery joined the company adhering to the "scientific management, product innovation and brand quality, customer satisfaction," the purpose, will continue to improve the quality management system, to high-quality products as a leader, to the heart of the delicious pastry food to meet the new demands of customers, based on the Pearl River Delta, looking at the domestic and foreign markets, and strive to create a better performance.


cake tastes good, soft Huarun, customers love. Caidiexuan cake shop to create a romantic atmosphere, to give customers a warm feeling! Caidiexuan cake shop and delicious ice cream, ice cream to cool lube summer warm and romantic feeling! Let consumers happyharmonious!

caidiexuan joined the company to focus on the future of science and technology enterprises, adhere to the road of sustainable development, uninterrupted in Japan, Taiwan, Australia and other countries and regions, in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to learn and study, recruited foreign technicians regularly conduct on-site training and self guide.

Zen bakery jiamengfei

single investment: 5~10 million


have a regional license:

training period: 15-30 days

contract term: 3-5

business requirements: recognition of the company’s business philosophy

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