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Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot shop it expensive

to find authentic authentic hot pot brand, non Chongqing hot pot. Chongqing hot pot is famous in the world. Such a popular set of well-known brands Hot pot, naturally not too little, if you want to choose a well-known Chongqing Hot pot shop to join, Xiaobian to recommend you Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot.

operation of the well-known food brands –" Jianglong company; Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot " ", has become known to every family; star restaurant, " Lee Hom, Sherry, Richard, Clayderman, Ono Lisa, · Jeff Chang, Mavis Fan, Christine Fan, Chyi Chin, Sa Dingding, the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra and many other well-known stars have to Guojianglong Hot pot. Franchise stores all over the country, there are more than 100, the annual output value exceeded 100 million yuan, has been among the ranks of Chongqing hot pot leader, has become China’s most valuable franchise brand.

in the Guojianglong Hot pot shop consumption per capita is how much money?

Guojianglong Zhendian treasure is Hot pot dishes, snacks, drinks, fresh meat from senior green grassland to create new styles of various kinds of natural selection; seafood, followed by thousands of artificial beat into the slide shape, called smooth tooth more memorable, all kinds of mushrooms gathered in the world unique nutrient rich multicolored decorations.

Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot adhering to one hundred years in Chongqing with the essence of traditional Hot pot, technological process, the soup rich flavor, spicy but not dry, fresh and not greasy, spicy and delicious in the pot, detonated across the delicacy off of the authentic Bayu obrigado Hot pot.

A star restaurant

so delicious, how much is the per capita consumption of small? To understand the per capita consumption of about 50 yuan in Hot pot, not your taste, is a family and friends dinner, party in the appropriate place.

such a popular consumption of hot pot restaurants, you are satisfied with him, if you want to join us, please visit our website at the bottom of the message.

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