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The method of rural shops gathered popularity what are the whole

no matter where we set up shop, if you want to make the business development of the shop to protect, first of all, you need to have a very high popularity, which is the basis for sustainable development of the store. However, how to make the store’s popularity is higher, but it has troubled many operators. Here, the small series to introduce the way to gather the popularity of rural shops, if you are a manager to see if your store is helpful.

1, subscribe to science and Technology Press: due to the easy to understand the rural science and technology newspapers can provide rich information and related knowledge, welcomed by farmers friends. The store can subscribe to some suitable conditions, especially the agricultural science and Technology Press, put in the shop, or to buy things for pedestrians and people sit around reading, can improve the turnover.

2, on a poster: rural shops can put each season’s main agricultural activities, crop cultivation and management techniques, scientific fertilization methods are clearly written on the blackboard, make farmer friend understand at a glance. At the same time to extract some of the farming songs, proverbs, will attract some customers see love poster.

3, buy a computer on the Internet: Rural shop to buy a computer in a store, and open Internet, publish demand price information regularly for farmers, for farmers to solve problems, but also can improve the circulation of goods store.

4, screening technology disc: install TV in rural shops, buy a few pieces of agricultural science and technology CD-ROM, provide a good place for leisure and entertainment for the farmers, but also increase their science and knowledge, but also increase the turnover of shops.

5, a non integer pricing method: as the saying goes: "close a lot", this sentence can also be used in rural merchandise pricing. For example, 1 pieces of goods could have been worth $1, but the price is priced at 0.99 yuan. Don’t look at only one point, but the effect is not the same, this is a great desire to inspire consumers to purchase price, adapt to consumer psychology, business volume significantly improved than before.

6, a small business in rural areas: improved Hing shops do a little improvement is not easy to be found, that every summer, put the pot of tea in the store, put on a few cups, so that customers do not spend a penny of self drinking; and by winter, burning a pot of water in the shop on the stove, for customers warm water. In this way, the customers feel that his shop is not only convenient and enthusiastic, people are willing to go there to buy things.

7, "Maling head" recruit customers: "Maling head" is the consumer for payment, the owner only count the money the whole yuan, do not accept the rest of the money. For example, the payment of 54.4 yuan, only close to $54, or the payment of 125.8 yuan, only received $125. Rural stores

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