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Zhongguancun entrepreneurs gathered to recall the previous generation of brilliant

now the market is a new generation of entrepreneurs on the stage, they have passion, enthusiasm, but also has a rare spirit of innovation, which allows them to embark on a different road with their predecessors. Recently, a group of old entrepreneurs gathered in Zhongguancun, recalling the entrepreneurial years.

due to age and health, the party between Zhongguancun is very rare business friends. However, no matter how long it has not seen, through the familiar and intimate communication between old friends, you will immediately understand why they are proud to say that they are old "Zhongguancun".

the restaurant of the other people will not think that this table naughty "friends" constantly make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks are the Zhongguancun history of the big influential man.

in winter under the warm sun shining, these are no longer young but still vibrant face seemed calm and peaceful. Yes, and now active in Zhongguancun who frequently talk rapidly "subversion" "take all" entrepreneurs compared to the old generation of entrepreneurs a more serene and calm, they, infinite passion to develop the market, more from an ideal and sense of responsibility. As Wang Yongmin said, "we have our own time, not to anyone, this is enough."

although it famous, epoch-making feat, but the economic returns, the entrepreneurs did not catch up with the best time window. But Wang Yongmin said very frankly, indeed there have been disappointed, but also helpless, but turn to read, the ultimate technology for the people to use, even if the free contribution, he is very pleased.

"Zhongguancun man" is an honor, but also a group of images. Once renowned "Jinghai" founder Wang Hongde is said with emotion, had a television to ask him for example to speak of Zhongguancun people a recommendation

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