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Northeast Normal University Business Plan Competition finals fall

since this summer, many college students’ entrepreneurship competition launched in China, many students hit off with innovative technology and creative projects in the fierce competition to show themselves, the winners can not only win money for venture capital, can also get the rare investment.

10 31, jointly organized by the Youth League Committee of the Northeast Normal University, the Northeast Normal University student entrepreneurship center fourth Business Plan Contest Finals held in the Jingyue campus of Northeast Normal University Foreign Language Institute, 10 teams entered the finals in a fierce battle for the championship "".

after which lasted more than 7 months of preliminaries and semi-finals, CM studio, 32 teams from the talent shows itself in to participate in team team RED, team Family, Mozhu design studio, Huge  studio, Chibi drunk; Gossip  , the final studio; Teng technology team SS, Levin 6· dir team 10 teams Jin finals. During the game, each team have sword, to show their own advantages and characteristics of business projects, and in turn for the wonderful reply. Finally, to participate in the team won the gold medal, drunk Chibi studio won the silver award, Huge  Gossip studio and final Teng technology respectively won the Bronze Award, best Popularity Award SS team.


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