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Working with dreams is not alone

During the period of

in 12th Five-Year, China put forward the slogan of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". Today, let us look back from the dream of a man of Sarah’s brilliant 12th Five-Year".

2015 years, for the 36 year old Han Youzhong ushered in the cause of another height: halal fresh yak meat sales exceeded the mark of 2000 tons, sales exceeded billion mark. Two points breakthrough is not easy for a young private entrepreneurs, Han Youzhong every step always contains wisdom and courage, and to grasp the future, of course, through which is "heaven, earth and man" — the national prosperity and harmony and stability.

"world yak", this is a bold and accurate positioning, the characteristics of yak resources and brand operation in Qinghai really into people’s vision, Han Youzhong seize the opportunity to realize the adjustment of industrial structure is completed by major under this background, it is from this day. His entrepreneurial dream plug in the wings, he wants to become a leader in the enterprise China halal cold fresh yak meat.

"there are about 14 million Yaks in the world, of which Qinghai has about 6 million head, in number, Qinghai holds the world’s most yak." In the course of the interview, Han Youzhong constantly stressed to reporters: Qinghai yak is a treasure, this feature is a great business opportunities for our people in Qinghai!"

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