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Where to pay the illegal traffic Hefei support online payment

with the growing popularity of the car, although in life for our life brought great convenience, but usually in management when there are a lot of problems in the past, when the driver of the illegal traffic money is very troublesome, but with the changing times, now in Hefei to support online payment, which provides a great convenience for the majority of drivers. Reporters learned on October 24th, Hefei police department opened the online payment function, the city’s owners do not have to go out of the house to complete the electronic monitoring of traffic violations and payment matters.

It is reported that

, the owner can log on "Internet service platform" (ah.122.gov.cn), at the bottom of the page to select the "illegal business" in the "electronic monitoring", according to the prompts to complete the illegal processing and payment of fines. After the traffic control 12123 mobile client login, you can directly choose to deal with illegal, choose my own name of the vehicle, choose the local or off-site after the completion of the above items according to the tips.

through the above article, details of your specific procedures for the operation has been clearly understood, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the traffic management department. Hefei traffic police department to remind the owners, only the user can use the driver’s license to deal with the non traffic offense record of my motor vehicle. The cumulative score of the driver’s license will be more than 12 points (including 12 points) of illegal traffic records on the scene, the user to the illegal place or vehicle registration illegal traffic processing window.

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