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What does the western restaurant attract customers

a lot of western restaurant business is not very good, for business, there are a lot of knowledge, we need to learn a lot, the following, let us know, how to open a restaurant to attract customers.

1. store image to attract customers

change or imitation of a store, at present, is not a complicated thing. Therefore, the majority of food and beverage are also no way to effectively protect the image of the store up, a slight change, you can make customers feel fresh.

2. service image warm customer

3. detail care touched customer

details are customers killer. Especially in small restaurants, and too many details need to be excavated. Coming from the top of the details, it may not be so distinctive, return to the most traditional restaurant style. Although there is a toilet, but can not be used; although there are toilets, but no water. This is the most direct details are not in place. The needs of guests dining environment can be a short rest of the residence place, can eat, but also convenient, so the toilet of these basic functions should be the standard configuration fast-food facilities.

4. time efficiency draw customers

the time efficiency is low, which is a small single store fatal injuries. This is not only for time but also let customers can scarcely wait, irritable heart customers, the store staff rebuke is possible. Some of the time, and the dispute over the restaurant, but also a lot of. It should be said that the speed of time, is to do the survival of the restaurant. In addition to the warranty, the biggest competition is speed competition. Another restaurant can cook three meals in a matter of ten minutes, they can only do one, then there will be a profit difference between efficiency. In the customer order, to the restaurant soon, will allow customers to feel the efficiency of the restaurant, and have a good impression.

5. features recommend convenient customer


features, is given to the customer, especially the best shops and old customers a sense of freshness. Sometimes, the need to constantly change the store dishes flavor, through the recommendation of specialty meals to increase store sales. Some of the first customers, sometimes, also need to recommend the store. In the case of the store is not familiar with the product, customers tend to look at a la carte. That is, look at other people’s meals, meal. Recommended

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