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The first quality of entrepreneurs is the business ability

young, daring to dare to do, while entrepreneurship is the best season. Recently, a popular saying that 29 years ago, is the shelf life of youth, after the age of, Time  out (expired), the so-called phenomenon of the age of 29. Therefore, if you want to have a breakthrough in the youth years, creating a career turn, it is appropriate to catch up before the expiration of youth. Eileen Chang said: as early as possible to become famous. Rich also. If you want to be a millionaire by the age of 29, please see several young millionaire’s entrepreneurial scriptures! The quality of the first

Harari, 27 years; 29 years; Waladi, Rabbi, 28 years old. Spin , Toronto, Canada; founder of master toys. The company was founded in 1994, with sales of $2 million in 1998 and $4 million 200 thousand in sales in 1999.

1991, and the couple rabbi Harari read the art of painting at the University of Western Ontario, and immersed in the poster art inspiration. One day, he burst of imagination, so exquisite works of art, why don’t you draw out money? The two hit it off. Unexpectedly, a poster was sold 5 dollars! 5 dollars is not much, but the meaning no trivial matter.

1994, and rabbi Harari after graduation, with a $10 thousand investment to sell posters earned a glass manufacturing headdress called Earth partners, a month sales reached $1 million. Later, they met the international trade Varady. Varady joined them a tiger with wings added in technical innovation, and continuously expand the business, business is booming.

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