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Still dry snack transition vitality

characteristics of food and beverage brands have sprung up in the food and beverage market, the traditional enterprises in order to survive, the first choice is facing the correct transformation, adapt to the development of the times. Only in this way can we remain invincible.

in the traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading with vigour and vitality at the same time, Taijiang district has a hundred years of history "is still dry after snacks" from generation to generation, by exploring the business model innovation, build the catering chain management enterprises, new vitality. Open in the garden of Changting, still dry snack decoration simple, the inside wall to open a still dry cultural gallery". Service enthusiasm, delicious dishes. If you eat enough, can also bring one or two boxes of exquisite packaging Fuzhou snacks hand letter.

this shop upstairs is still dry food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd. Fuzhou. 3 years ago, the brand, Zheng Bingchun, the traditional family workshop, the transformation and upgrading of a set of operations planning, personnel training, product development and management of food chain. In the course of business, the company strictly product quality, food raw materials to take standardized operation, fixed procurement, unified distribution. At present, still dry snacks in Fujian province has 60 chain stores, more than 300 employees, and in the continued development of large and medium-sized, soon will be in Hainan, Shanghai, Guangzhou branch.

is only 19 years old Ningde girl Huang Yunfeng is still dry snacks, an employee. This month, she seemed very happy: "this month will also end loan!" originally, to help employees develop together, innovation company to "employment first, and then start", provide the support policies for outstanding employees, help employees zero venture. In accordance with the company’s regulations, working full 3 months of outstanding employees, you can buy the shares of 10%~20%. Last year, Huang Yunfeng will accumulate money for cousin treatment, want to stake, but the heart is not enough. Company to lend a helping hand, employees can loan 28 thousand yuan to the company, installments." Huang Yunfeng said, in fact, the monthly dividend is enough to repay the loan.

today, Fuzhou Shanggan Catering Management Limited is not only let out of the road of industrialization of dry food, but also set a benchmark for Fuzhou traditional snacks, all employees with the "master spirit", together with the development of company

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