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Shop Q & A all savings have not opened a franchise business how to do

2010 in October to join a toy store, feeling that the industry can also be promising, I choose the address of the stream of people is great, but most are some migrant workers and local people is not very rich, is only when many people, no consumption ability, after the store opened up, found here I think all the toys in the shop is too expensive, and our stall too many people, if there is a street vendor here I’ll be out of business. Our products are genuine, there are 3C, the price is too low, then no money. Would like to ask you such as I should be how to do?


bluntly, you appear the problem now is not to the early market research, overestimated the shop location of market consumption level.

said above, the large flow of people is not suitable, no competitive business is no vitality! If the business does not improve, suggestions of diversified development, in some high quality and inexpensive toys, children with selling related merchandise, playing ground advertising to raise awareness and festival promotion, the backlog of toys sell zero profit! Organize a variety of children’s activities and provide prizes to provide children with a place to play, I believe that the day has no way!


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