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The analysis of the leader’s tolerance in the book of success

entrepreneurial business, teamwork is very important, and the team is bound to have a good leadership, how fast success, how to develop leadership? Leader tolerance is very important, it is critical, the following may wish to look at how to cultivate the tolerance of leaders!

The premise of

downstream in the case of wind, air can not see, and see is not the brainchild. So, the following four situations in the value of tolerance is particularly prominent.

One is a

because of this reason, the history of some outstanding leader is not the ability to exceed the public, but a good heart; not demand perfection, but comprehensive fulfillment; not to judge, but put yourself; not one step, but to cultivate patience; not to overwhelm people, but people who. Power, resources, status, of course, important, but it is auxiliary. Because only rely on the latter to take care of things, then the organization will run in the mechanical hierarchy of the operation mode.

Stand in

in this point of view, tolerance of tolerance, is essentially the time delay to realize their own ideas and space to accommodate the expansion of alternatives and different spirit bear preliminary consciousness not feeling well selection, ability to moderate their laggards than waiting for response.

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