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Company name to abide by the legal limit

no matter which industry we give a suitable name, not only need to work on the words, but also need to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. So, the name of the company to comply with what legal restrictions? Let’s get to know each other.

a company to get a good name, and not for the operator to see their own, do not let it up, narcissistic self appreciation. Use a good name, the biggest goal is to push themselves to the market, to provide goods or services to the community, so as to attract customers, please customers, better business activities. To achieve this goal, the company name must be very close to the customer.

currently, according to the relevant provisions of the trademark law, the company’s name can be registered, there are clear requirements. All business owners must go to the administrative department for Industry and commerce registration, registered trademark, the name of the company can not be used without approval. If only in the name of the company to take into account the meaning of the current market and the meaning of the name, and the name of the use of a number of laws and regulations contrary to the provisions of the standard, it will be difficult to register successfully. Therefore, before the company name, first of all to grasp some companies, commodity prices and related laws and regulations.

company name, in addition to consider some of the laws, regulations and restrictions, but also to consider religion, social morality, social customs, and other factors. In addition, our selection of the name of the company, the principle is set free, but at the same time the laws are as follows: the name of a company, the limit must be healthy and normative, there shall be no harm to the state and society or the public interests. There are three main categories of these prohibited names: the same or similar to the name of the state, the name of the party and government organs, etc., which are harmful to the social morality or other adverse effects.

two, the name of the company shall not use the name of a foreign language or Chinese pinyin. Three, the name of the company shall not use the name of the number. Four, the name of the company in the same industry should not be similar within the statutory scope.

so, in the current legal society, if you want to open a legitimate, at the same time can have a better name of the company, but also need to read the above content, so that the company has a better name, can achieve greater success in the future development process.

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