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Policy support to pave the way for migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship

difficult employment problem has now become a hot issue in society, so in recent years, the state has introduced policies to support the work of all walks of life to start their own businesses. Recently, the State Council issued the "opinions" on further improving the employment work under the new situation, put forward to encourage rural labor entrepreneurship, integration to create a group of migrant workers entrepreneurship Park, founded on the workers engaged in network business, social organization, to support entrepreneurship policy. "Opinions" for migrant workers return home entrepreneurship provides a national level policy support.

4 June, the Ministry of Agriculture issued "on the strengthening of farmers’ innovative service work to promote farmers’ employment and income of the opinion", requiring further create good ecological environment of farmers entrepreneurial innovation, stimulate innovation and vitality of hundreds of millions of farmers entrepreneurial potential, establish and improve farmers’ innovation and Industry incubation service system, a large number of rural small and micro enterprises. In April 21st, the State Council executive meeting proposed to take measures to encourage rural labor entrepreneurship policies, the development of migrant workers returning home to start the park, to support farmers online entrepreneurship. May issued by the State Council on Further Doing a good job in the new situation of employment and entrepreneurship advice is to further clarify the spirit of the executive meeting, proposed the implementation of targeted tax cuts and universal fee reduction policy, integrated innovation

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