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Nanjing a well known nternet companies overnight change boss lost contact with his family

the advent of the Internet has really changed our lives, but in the Internet financial operations, there are some risks. This is not a seemingly thriving Internet companies, there is a certain degree of visibility, there are hundreds of employees, but in a sudden change occurred overnight! In October 24th, many Nanjing Hann digital internet culture Limited by Share Ltd’s investors, creditors, the company boss Yuan Fan and his wife Gao Yuan, has been quietly exit, employees and investors terrified. More than a month later, they have no news.

Nanjing han’en known as the Nanjing Internet star, in 2014 and 2016 by the two listed companies have been listed as the object for restructuring, acquisition of huge amounts of money. But in October 11th, the listed company LIAN photoelectric (600363, shares) issued a notice to suspend the restructuring process of Nanjing Han, 10 days later, Han family lost contact with the boss. Currently, Nanjing police have been concerned about this matter.

lost contact with

a good company, said no no

Nanjing Hann digital Internet main business is divided into two sections: the holographic interactive display of multimedia digital content production and development of mobile operators. The company’s holographic display technology is said to be able to achieve the effect of naked eye 3D.

Nanjing han’en office is located in Shanxi Road, the World Trade Center building A2 block 24 layer, November 22nd, modern express reporter came to the world trade center, found to the elevator floor button 24 layer has been turned off can not stop. Property staff said, "Han. Public security departments to find the company’s people to Gulou police station registration."

in the reporter to get the company’s staff chat records, there is such a description: early in the morning meeting opened well, suddenly the police came in." Shareholders, creditors rushed to the company, and then is to freeze the assets of the company, the public security to seal…… A good company, said no."

boss couple flew to Germany, currently lost contact with

Modern Express reporter from Nanjing han’en part of creditors and shareholders understand that the actual control of the company Yuan Fan, Gao Yuan couple, had more than and 200 employees, the highest peak.

according to the creditors told reporters, Yuan Fan holds a German passport, after their investigation, Yuan Fan couple is to fly to Hongkong on the morning of October 22nd, and in 24 days to fly to Germany, now lost to the state in addition to Yuan Fan and his wife and two children, Yuan Fan’s mother left on the same plane.

in addition, Hann Digital Culture Creative Industry Park is located in Nanjing high tech park, the original Baixia building two recommended

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