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Hunan new ideas to support migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship

after the new year’s day, the Spring Festival in 2016 will begin, the majority of migrant workers will end a year of career, set foot on the way back home. In order to support migrant workers home business, Hunan province released the latest comments on the day before, a number of entrepreneurship policy support to help migrant workers faster and better go on the road of entrepreneurship.

12 28 September, the office of the Hunan provincial government issued the "opinions" of migrant workers and other personnel support home business, for migrant workers in our province and sent a number of farmer entrepreneurs entrepreneurship policy envelopes".

how to create?   training subsidies for eligible

8 month, the National Bureau of Statistics survey team of Hunan conducted a special survey of migrant workers returning home in Xiangtan, Chenzhou, Yongding District, Zixing, Miluo etc.. The results show that the number of migrant workers returning home is increasing, but still faces the problem of low education level.

data show that the end of the two quarter, the province’s total of 12 million 870 thousand migrant workers, including primary school and below education accounted for 32.2%, junior high school education accounted for 50.3%. Although the return of farmers’ education level is higher than the average farmers, but most are also low academic qualifications, did not receive the appropriate entrepreneurial skills training, business ideas, product research and development needs to be further improved.

"opinions" put forward, to participate in entrepreneurship training home business personnel can enjoy entrepreneurship training subsidies, the Follow-Up Services by aquaculture venture Follow-Up Services enjoy subsidies. From the experience and industry resources of successful entrepreneurs, professional managers, electricity providers, counselors, angel investors, home business leaders among the selection of a number of business mentor, providing business guidance. Support home business training practice base construction, mobilization of well-known township enterprises, agricultural products [-0.49%  funding research report];   processing enterprises to provide entrepreneurship training services, and regularly organize to large enterprises outside the province key enterprises and leading enterprises, training.

The implementation of science and technology correspondent system and the "three zone" personnel system and construction of a number of

, "star world", the migrant workers entrepreneurship Park and migrant workers established businesses in the provincial innovation entrepreneurship demonstration base and the implementation of "double hundred range funded project" award.

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