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The postal savings bank of Ningbo Youth Cup finals Saturday opening business wealth

young entrepreneurs will face a variety of problems, from sales channels to network applications, from logistics to the introduction of funds. To help young people to solve the problem, build wealth platform, Ningbo through organized entrepreneurship competition form for entrepreneurs looking for financing channels.

How to insert the

soil of agricultural products on the "Internet +" wings? How to get through the last mile of rural logistics landing?…… From October 24th, the city counties (city, district) 12 player project will be officially on 2015 "the postal savings bank cup Ningbo youth entrepreneurship Contest Finals wealth", a showdown.

"made in Ningbo" French goose liver to enter the public table

It is reported that

, together with Lu Huafang in 2010, the 29 year old to start a business, just 6 years, built the city’s largest French Landes Goose breeding base, at present, population has reached 30 thousand, the annual slaughter of more than 100 thousand. The company won the first product of goose liver cooked French foie gras production QS recognized, more become the industry standard drafting, the net sales market turnover reached 3 million 500 thousand yuan, become a leader in youth entrepreneurship, innovation and wealth of our city "".

The basic

"since July, at the beginning of the semi-finals of the competition, in the final of the 11 other players and projects are very strong." Despite their confidence in the project, but Lu Huafang can not be taken lightly, these days she repeatedly revised their implementation plan, and strive to achieve perfection.

six years to build wealth platform for hundreds of thousands of young

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