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Unique operation of chopsticks

in the eyes of ordinary men, but is chopsticks when eating utensils, if it is not, even if not also never mind, and each small restaurant is very carelessly, usually inserted in the barrel inside, take, for disposable chopsticks, it is never the consumption amount, in fact, right the chopsticks can also make big business marketing!

The protection of intellectual property rights

anti-skid chopsticks for children, can increase the taste of spices such as chopsticks, chili peppers, give him a pair of chopsticks, he ate the food on the mouth mouth to eat spicy than others. When the guests have finished their meal, they can use the chopsticks with intellectual property as gifts.

celebrities used chopsticks, businesses in addition to show Tibet, you can also press the time to sell the right to use, the first time can be several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, after each 1 yuan to 100 yuan, the store can be free to pricing, for some crazy fans, can use an idol that used chopsticks. It is a very proud thing. Of course, in addition to the sale of the right to use, you can also auction the permanent ownership of chopsticks, such activities for celebrities and businesses are a good promotion.

shibuguosan, three is not fresh, so third is the final version, a hotel in Tongchuan for the Guinness world record auction chopsticks. Of course, we can also subdivide the record auction auction record record, bamboo chopsticks, a merchant can have several Guinness world records, which is the best word of mouth.


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