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Learn how to do marketing catering

listened to a speaker who once said, "what is the smartest man in the world doing?." Yes, maybe he is not smart enough, but has been recognized by this era of smart people’s movements are in front of us why we do not learn, how much time can be saved for themselves. The food industry is the same, like sea fishing, and many other food and beverage industry big Banu people envy, many food are also want to do such a big restaurant, but few people can do in reality, since to do so, then they should learn is how to do marketing.

learn how to do marketing big restaurant

first, understand competitors

we are very common words: the enemy awareness, this sentence is not only used in the battlefield, in fact in the commercial battlefield is also very good, before doing marketing activities in you, you have to know what your competitors are doing, why do we do, for your situation began to do marketing, this is the right way to open, not only consider their own situation.

second, we are concerned about what

in a certain period of time, the subject of attention is always certain, such as some time ago people in the U.S. election is concerned, the Internet is also a variety of ridicule, clever marketing people will use this topic to do marketing activities

third, a good example of the study before

a good marketing is definitely not easy, is the need to accumulate more at ordinary times, the accumulation is to study successful case, look at how others do grasp the needs of consumers, to see more, think more, will become better in the next planning.

fourth, recognize their

This is a

that simple, easy and easy to say that a problem, many well-known enterprises catering boss to learn, many of them are not mechanically, combined with their actual situation, such failures really be too numerous to enumerate.

restaurant marketing is the essence of the characteristics of the restaurant and the customer’s demand for a good combination of good, how to combine a good look at how the restaurant marketing!

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