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The five step is to implement the website PR2 0

, as we enter the Web2.0 era, PR is entering the 2 age. The main features of PR2.0 are the same as Web2.0, that is, from unidirectional indoctrination to two-way dialogue, and today’s public relations are definitely the art of dialogue. The rise of user generated content, so many e see leader (e-influencer) generated, how to identify and influence these e, see leaders become PR2.0 top priority.

Five steps below

can be used for reference:

, step 1: be an expert in your company, service and product field,

this requires you not only to know the customer well, but also to understand the overall situation of the customer’s industry and competitors. Only in this way can you have the basis for a dialogue with e leaders, and e sees leaders who value you and are willing to make friends with you. Being an expert type of talent is a basic step, but is often overlooked by public relations practitioners.

second step: Discover related dialogue in Web2.0 world

search is one of the essential skills of Web2.0. You have to talk about related topics and conversations. For example, you want to use the web search, news search, news alerts, blog search and other traditional methods, but also familiar with the SNS search, such as Facebook, 51.com and other sites at home and school, sharing, log, group and mini blogs are in search of information source. At this point, you’ll find out if you’re not expert about the consequences, because it’s important to make sure the keywords are searched.

third step: find e, see leader [www.fengliuqishi.com.cn,]

through topic mining and search tools, you need to see the real E in your field by comparing a series of metrics, see leaders. Although it is a user become reporters era, but according to the Web2.0 user’s rule, the majority of people still love when the audience, only 1% people are content contributors, and the 1% is only about 1% is the real leader we see e, this step is the task of discovering the real leader of E.

now has a wide variety of media, with different media, such as 10000 followers meals, no members, or visiting millions of IT bloggers, active members of the home, and so on.

fourth step: be the information source for e to see leaders

keep in mind that your goal is not to try to influence E and see leaders, but to become friends with them and become their source of information. Full understanding of each e, see leaders, and strengthen communication with them is the focus of this step.

visit e as often as possible and see leaders in space and interact with them. Now that you’re going to have a conversation with e to see the leader, first you have to portray yourself as a e, see the leader, and build your own blog. It’s necessary to register the SNS account

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