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Net red seller evolution how to continue to ignite the desire to buy millions of fans


I world network operators shaping distinctive personal image, and use it as the core of social marketing, which is a network of red people Taobao road nuggets, but aunt told you the story, it is already out of date, now need more severe fan operation.

reporter / Xu Lu,


, born in 1987, Guan Yizhi, with a standard network of red faces, pointed chin, painted the popular eyebrow, has a pair of eyes willing to look straight into the eyes. In the two hour interview, the eyes rarely wander away, and more often, they watch you with an exaggerated look. This allows people to micro-blog from time to time with the nose to show the image of people and reality seamless.

"it’s a lonely thing to be a Taobao."." She began to sober up.

mobile phone to her world a cut into two: in the framework of the virtual world of the Internet, she is the 910 thousand micro-blog fans of the big V, with 90 thousand Instagram fans, two Taobao crown shop owner, Taobao professional photographer, or that she is a "noisy"; compared with the network in the world, when after the tube aunt down like mobile phone, adjust the mute mode to her world, she will wash film prints in a darkroom for a day to be.

in fact, from the tube aunt, you can see the red man mode in the development of Taobao state. They are mostly in the image as the core of social marketing, the use of micro-blog, Instagram and WeChat relatively relaxed social network, shaping the distinctive personal image, and extended to advocate lifestyle. This personal influence directly determines its mode of production: the use of small-scale C2B customized production, through the advance product preview, etc. leveraging the supply chain.

in all the red, "tube aunt" is not the most popular, nor is this the earliest production methods applied to the Taobao shop, and her shop in 2014 only on-line. But from her personal experience, it is not difficult to find that the "red man" pattern runs through the whole process from her to the red man. In comparison, she walked steadily and steadily.


network Reds are how to make


June 10, 2015, Hangzhou Huangmei days of rain coerced. The aunt was so busy that the things she needed to deal with were as thick as Huang Meitian’s rain, and crowded with her agenda.

4 years ago, "just graduated from the design department of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. Her first job was assistant cameraman, this work let her into contact with the front-line practitioners: Taobao, Taobao, the owner of the Amoy girl professional photographer. Subsequently, the tube aunt became an independent Taobao photographer. At that time, in the heart of aunt Guan, he buried a Taobao seed

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