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Talking about the name choice of local forum community

Chinese is very particular about the name, in the propaganda for a catchy name can achieve a multiplier effect.

and even many Chinese believe that a man’s name will affect his fate. Similarly, the name of the local forum is the same. Different names can make people have different associations and leave different impressions. Different associations are bound to produce different artistic conception, which will lead to a different atmosphere in the community. If the name is easy to remember to call and leave a good impression, it makes it easier for users to open the site impulse.

, the author combines the name of the forum, choose to talk about this view.

do local forums, many people instinctively choose the place name + forum or community name. For example, the Hefei forum and the Wuxi forum are typical of this kind. The name gives people a feeling of atmosphere, like the local first forum. Have a certain advantage in the meaning of the name. However, this also has shortcomings. On the one hand, because there are so many local forums, local forums are already available, and even more than one. This is not easy to form its own independent brand. Unless it has taken the lead in the big, so that the latecomers are difficult to compete. On the other hand, using local name as a station name, often good local Pinyin domain name, have been registered, it is difficult to register with the station name corresponding good domain name.

so how do you name your local forum? Well, there’s another option, to get a unique name. For example, Hangzhou 19 Building, Changzhou Hualong lane. As a result, because unique, you can register to the corresponding domain name, and secondly, is also conducive to future brand building. Because the place can not be registered trademarks.

What should

pay attention to when choosing a unique name,


– the best name can be related to the local, reflecting local characteristics, such a name for local users more affinity. For example, Changzhou long lane, Changzhou is the original place names, such promotion is also easier.

two, the name of the site is better to compare the mouth, both special and easy to remember.

three, the domain name is also the best choice for people to find the law, relatively easy to remember.

I do is Yangzhou forum, there has been a lot of places like the local forum, if named Yangzhou forum, on the one hand to register a good domain name, on the other hand, is not conducive to the distinction with other Yangzhou forum. So I used a unique name. Yangzhou’s Slender West Lake is the most famous, but the domain name has been registered, and this name does not feel good to me. The thin word is easily associated with illness, weakness.

fireworks went down to Yangzhou in March. In ancient times, Yangzhou was one of the most prosperous cities in china. Reminds me of love is Cologne characters in the novel the name of flowers. Feel this name not only very poetic, aesthetic, and feel very lucky, can bring to mind the feeling to think of the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. "

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