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Site tagging map suspected of leak do your first choice

May 17th "focus interview" column broadcast "alert Internet map leakage" program, reported the "Moonlight Forum" website marked Google, Earth maps suspected of leaking information. After the broadcast, set off a heated discussion at the Admin5 forum, some owners said, if related to national security issues, this is not a common problem; up to the height of national security, the network map annotation of leaking state secrets is absolutely not to be underestimated. After the program, in May 18th, the relevant departments launched the "Internet map service professional standards" policy, the mobile map will be included in the management for the first time, it seems that the Internet map will become more and more standardized.

since the popularity of the Internet, more and more people began to surf the Internet, more and more Internet users. As mentioned above, users through the electronic map software to find the traffic routes, display travel pictures, marking their experience in the local experience, etc., these acts were originally a fun figure. Some netizens to show off, mainly including Military airports, marking the position of the missile, radar, naval port, garrison and some important sensitive targets, not to leak, has inadvertently harm. People do not know the marked landmarks in the network map, imperceptibly has been involved in the "leakage" problem, when the network becomes a global village, all the impossible becomes possible, sensitive, can avoid or try to avoid it.

focus chat show aired, the moonlight forum flow suddenly soared, while the "leakage" is not, but the rectification is unavoidable, but through the CCTV exposure, moonlight forum suddenly increased visibility, is really a blessing in disguise. The Internet is an ocean of information, has a wealth of information, users have to share all kinds of anecdotes. Although the Internet is virtual, but with real social people show off power, wealth, beauty, and even specific functions, the electronic map fancier but also people love to show off their unique discovery and some of the secrets, thus becoming celebrities in virtual society. This show has attracted the attention of a department, CCTV exposure, security awareness is not strong, causing leaks unintentionally, other users after the Internet or attention, don’t accidentally "endangering national security".

classification of the Internet a lot, the webmaster in the choice of direction, as far as possible to avoid sensitive topics. Perhaps no one can imagine the map will leak, but if the information is really malicious use, peace times, but in the war years, the information is exposed, the consequences will be very serious. Perhaps alarmist talk, but confrontation with coercive means is absolutely no good food to eat, in order to be more stable development, or choose not controversial. At home there are many military forums, these forums are relatively easy to touch the edge of the line, after all, military topics are more sensitive, to do this kind of information, or to pay attention to the site to grasp the yardstick.

website, stability is the last word. Under the current national system, cooperation is the only way out, and it is better to survive than anything else. To do web site is to give >

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