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Stumbled to build a pedestrian outside the site construction process

said do not want to work from the beginning to start, 3 years of work life feel more and more boring, so that Baidu search "do not have to go to work to make money to search a pile of rubbish information, but I also know that not to search for what is pure work boring chaos search. So chaos search do not know how to go to the Admin5 website, read a lot of articles on the Internet to make money! A clap, oh well, the site can make money at home, I discovered the new world, to join the collection.

said, for a layman to start a new field really is a very difficult thing, look at other Adsense brothers wrote so easily, their hands to be really not so, those veterans who write something inside the professional vocabulary is all cannot read, what SEO, PR, Alexa ranking, the chain, chain and so on I see it was a hazy fog of


didn’t know it would have to first learn humbly. Don’t stop looking for tutorials, find the video, so naughty for 3 months (don’t laugh ah, "in fact, you’re not stupid, this is my mother once said to me) finally know what to do on this. I really started the road of the site (pain from the beginning of time).

is the first to solve the problem of domain name, see some tutorial proposal to buy a high PR domain which is good for the site, and then start looking for a place to buy the domain name, with MONEY do not know where to buy, ask a colleague to see have not know, the old man threw me a word "the matter is not resolved to ask Baidu, foreign affairs decided not to ask Google" (no wonder webmaster brothers so rely on them, or do SEO) indeed, on the Internet to find a trading platform, looking for PR high I can never one to detect ·? And on the struggling, in thinking not a website dedicated to do such a deal for you, sometimes we really need these grassroots this kind of message. Wandering aimlessly in the trading platform, suddenly a bright eyes following a 51nice.com domain name is introduced said: "the domain name PR4 suitable for the female website (see" really regret this proposal, then, to the back) I ADMIN5 webmaster tools to check, it really is PR4, when that charge money in. Unfortunately, not immediately available, the domain name is the auction price is 1 yuan, no matter how I decide to buy it, and then out of the price, 2 days before the expiration time, really tough ah ah ~ this time, set the mobile phone to remind one hour before the end of time, the middle of the line from time to time look, find you have been leading and offer only more than 10 yuan, the heart Anxi, if no one can pick up a cheap (perhaps for the two days is not idle, and many other station, behind separately) Finally, the domain name to the end of time, mobile phone to remind the results useless, every day thinking about it, a sign up silly, a lot of people bid on the inside, see in a look at fiercely as a tiger does I have, but.

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