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The digitalization of professional journals

people from the Internet economy summed up such a rule: if a person has one thousand hardcore fans, you can live very nourishing. The so-called one thousand hardcore fans, whether it is this person, books, or words and deeds, there will be consumers. For example, an online game that always has one thousand loyal users can make a profit. For example, if you have one thousand loyal readers, you won’t worry about selling books. This basically explains why some of the major journals and academic journals are still alive for a long time, and the root cause is that these journals have a group of hardcore readers and fans.

The advantages of

professional journals

because our journals are not independent economic accounting, have mostly sponsored by financial or financial support, so we can’t see how many publications can be profitable and how much profit, but according to the statistics show that China has more than 1 thousands of journals, periodicals and the internet income more than 600 million yuan, the scale is not big. The digital periodical has become represent the general trend. According to readers’ groups, China’s periodicals can be roughly divided into mass periodicals, sci-tech periodicals and academic periodicals. No matter how many or what categories it is, in my opinion, the two advantages of a professional journal are unquestionable: first, a professional publication has a professional editorial team. Such a team may be loose, or it may be centralized. For example, some publications run on a regular basis, such as computer world, computer enthusiasts, and other scientific publications. Some publications is operated in the form of manuscripts, such as some of the academic journals and literature journals. Second, professional publications have a group of hearty pumps". They are to survive the bottom line of support for the publication of publications, their price is not too sensitive, but for the content of the magazine is Pennywise, even if the information of complex Internet, still cannot replace the journals to their reading experience. Such publications include military magazines, academic studies, and so on.

Digital Practice of

professional journals

professional journals of electronic, various publications for electronic attitude there are differences, ambitions are different. To sum up, professional journals have chosen such a number of digital road:

is the most simple way: the simplest way is to digital publications will be transformed into electronic publications from the print media, from reading the paper into the electronic reading, follow the trend of the publication may open micro-blog, WeChat and APP. Of course, many publications are not able to carry out the content of the electronic operation, so the direct sale of electronic copyright to the publication platform, charge a certain fee. This is the most simple professional journal of electronic road.

the most ambitious way: some populations face a large number of publications, the publications including public finance publications, social life and entertainment publications publications, publications operators hope to exclusive content publication as a springboard, and the establishment of electronic media has a certain influence in the industry. Finance >

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