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That talent website on the development of self pity

has participated in the local Qidong Internet Conference this time, and has exchanged some own station construction experience and the profession understanding to some colleagues. Although the scale of the conference does not compare with the Internet start-ups meeting held in Beijing some time ago, but for the two or three – line city webmaster, such communication opportunities are equally significant.

during the exchange, we prospect for talent recruitment industry also said very confused, just chinahr.com, qianchengwuyou giant site encountered development restrictions, but also because of their operations when facing the same decline in the number of registered users, reduce the profit sharing and other issues, yes, this is indeed the industry has problems, as I the industry website owners do not deny, but I want to say is the confusion of the prospect does not mean that there is no prospect, talent website operation process now, there are several points were all too neglected, in fact, seize the key, the talent website up or have the potential.

many owners mistakenly think that it should be based on a strong talent website for the demand for places, such as wide north, if not the north of Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Xiamen should also be popular in the city, so the development will have a prospect. In fact, this idea can only be said to be one-sided, high-end cities will have a lot of office resources available, but the use of the cost will be much higher than the two or three line cities. We are doing a field, so the competition is large, at the same time, the flow of talent of high-end city more, also is the job hopping phenomenon is relatively common, many have been in high technical personnel will be headhunting company direct telephone contact, this will make the loss of their potential customers.

So what is

based on the two or three or even three or four line city? Just according to the theory, we will certainly feel that the two or three line of the city there is no potential for development, because there is not enough office resources, it would be completely mistaken but, because in my opinion, the traditional talent network station market is the two or three line of the city, but in the process of operation in a little transformation. At least not in the form of YISHION talent website operations, but based on localization, to achieve multiple services. Which requires the webmaster to more with local enterprises or businesses to contact, cooperation. For a very simple example, when everyone in the operation of local talent website, not only want to provide some jobs, let users to match, because in the two or three line of the city, we accept the Internet as the high-end City, so many webmaster want to in position matching under a lot of effort.

says the job matching, and I think the concept of training might be heard. You might say, what’s the connection between the training and the job pairing?. Why should the two be combined, in my business thinking, only through job seekers for certain professional training, in order to make their skills more practical, and turn to the most suitable for their positions. Because some job really is smoke and mirrors, such as environmental assessment division, many of my friends think this position is just looking at flowers to weed the.

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