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Walk in Baidu before do user experience

now SEO era too many novice in doing SEO too old, think from the Internet to see a method is truth, practice, but a step confused. Some SEOER to write some of the so-called original not knowing why it is so as a fallacy, with a sense of SEO, I can’t turn a blind eye.


will be able to see the full open forum forum that the marketing strategy, everyone in the intrigue, everyone in the pursuit of winning strategy, business times people of wits, but no matter how we fight, must be the ultimate users around. We are like gladiators of ancient Rome, even the Gladiator champion is a slave, a gladiator in the arena of the sword meet, the winner get the support of the masses and even get freedom, failure is in the face of death.


we do SEO every day around Baidu, Baidu users every day around the turn, crown net SEO’s success is to ignore the Baidu direct users to turn around, you can see why Sina, NetEase will do so well. Around Baidu turn, will just send the chain, hair outside the chain, hair outside the chain, in the network created a lot of garbage outside the chain, do not consider the user’s idea. Baidu update algorithm, we small webmaster can only be led by the nose, and really hold Baidu nose, how many people?


user experience should do the following four aspects:

1, content

Baidu everything for the user experience, we will be the first to do a good job of user experience. First, when it is full of web content, the page to do more gorgeous, there is no substance, but also empty talk. Do real content optimization to retain users, to provide users with the content they need, content is the soul of the site, there is no soul, the site is the walking dead.

two, service

on the basis of good content, but also to provide customers with appropriate services, just like Taobao, not only do a good description of the product, but also customer service to provide users with questions answered. You can leave a contact number on the website, which can be QQ number or mailbox.

three, details

makes the user feel site is clean, neat is the most basic user experience is, the details determine success or failure, to meet the user, we must carefully maintain and operate the site, probably a little stain will let the user objectionable. You can provide user feedback in some conspicuous places, and solve the website problem by user feedback when you find out the problem.

four, the outer chain

the chain should also appropriate to construction, not see can hair, desperately to do. To do so will only see the adverse effect, the real chain is to produce effect is effective outside the chain. Today, many new sites, new articles to ensure that each article has a chain to support, so that you can adapt

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