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Talk about some profitable experiences in buying and selling websites and how to buy and sell stati

back into the Internet industry for so many years, from the beginning of the side while learning to do stand, finally because of lonely give up and go to the site of the station reselling industry. Although the sale process has always been the attention to find yourself traveling slowly after operation, but most are still selling price. The reason is simple, the real good station, others will not sell. Buying and selling websites and operating websites have the advantages of shorter investment time and quick return. It takes at least a few months for a website to function well. And reselling websites, may buy today, as long as someone gives a good price, can sell tomorrow.

we talk about experience from two aspects of buying a station and selling a station. First say, buy a station:

said here refers to the station to buy, including domain name, space, and site data, many novice name buy advertising, and finally bought a website data back, that you do not buy a station, just templates and data. The price of the website is much higher than that of template and data.

buy the station has two kinds of people, one is eager to reach the IT industry, anxious to make money in the Internet can not finish the people. One is that I can pick up a few people who still have eyes to see, wrap up and sell them in countless stations. In front of a person, often is just entering the industry rookie, can not deny that some people with deep pockets, stocks or real money to buy some more money to play station, but does not guarantee less fooled, making endless money in the Internet is because there are always these people inside money.

and those of us who buy the station often because the cash strapped, often buy a cautious, at least after a few days of continuous investigation, investigation, review of research. Some people might say, "good things, buy late," was bought and bought. In fact, the first to buy and run the station, are bought by the novice, the real old hand is not rush start.

, here are some of the rules I buy websites:

rule: never trust the selling station for their own website

Whoever sells the goods is the same. Be sure to brag about what you have, so you can sell it at a good price. The stationmaster did, too. He would say, "


my station is how much, how much money I stand the future is how good, my station and other stations than what advantage, my station is really not willing to sell to, after you buy my station just about to adhere to the operator can easily earn a lot the money… Etc., Arabian Nights, full mouth running train, not a word of truth.

now most of the webmaster are small children, in their eyes, making big money is very easy, always want to put an elephant exploitation into an ant. I once met a child less than 20 years old, studied CMS, made a template, using automatic collection, collected about 200000 data. He told me that his station has been running for more than 3 years

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