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How to find the industry soft text release platform

how to search for the industry’s soft Wen release platform, in my mind, there has been a concept, do network, it can take most of the industry. Most of the business can be further expanded through the network platform. Just in the Internet, we encountered service providers, the effect is good. So, how do we search for the industry soft publishing platform,


for our SEO, this is also an industry. On the one hand, we can promote our own SEO services, of course, can also do SEO peripheral planning, rectification, and so on. In order to better promote our own brand value, we will go to the SEO blog, we will consider to find a relatively high weight forum hair soft, and we will not to write the original soft and hard to do long-term promotion. Although we all say that network execution is the first, but from an overall point of view, it is more important to understand a few small skills.

do the Internet, I believe we should all know the A5 forum, and should all know Ai Rui, Chinaz, 28tui. But we have not summed up, at that time these weights and popularity of relatively high web site, how do we find it? Or other people directly provide


in the first case, most people should be like me. Know those sites, I basically found in Baidu, Baidu is using search a keyword to find the platform. I remember at that time I didn’t know much about how to tell a good and bad website. I had a concept in my head. Every time I sent a place, I would give the website a new exposure. This should be a good thing. When I look at the forum, such as SEOWHY, on the one hand, I will look at the content of this forum, and then I will pay more attention to the popularity of this website and the amount of postings. Where there is a man, there must be something good in it; that is a truth.

in fact, there is a criterion that allows us to reduce a lot of steps, but also we use Baidu search engine, this time I want to use is Baidu news. You can search for hot words in an industry in Baidu news, and then we’ll see the sites in the news source search results. Let’s not say anything else, at least one thing that proves the weight of the site, which is not generally high, because the site is Baidu’s news seed station. So, including we in the operation of soft Wen, if really can in such a web site hair, the weight of the site promotion, that is quite fast.

, some of your friends will say, "your website looks like it’s good for the website, but you can’t guarantee such a website is a high traffic website.". We have to think about this issue, if you are the search engine news, you will particularly want what kind of Web site content, after all, is the procedure, how do we judge such a website?. It’s still a user friendly site, Baidu, and it likes it.

, let’s think about it, except >

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