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How to write an enterprise website planning book

‘s current boss’s knowledge of the Internet: I do it for guests, but I don’t know how to benefit from it. So what they care about is the price, so the Internet company makes it out of stock. For a qualified website construction process, you must need a website planning book, then what does the website planning book include and how to do it?

one, enterprise website plan book – basic function


first determines which columns are required for the enterprise website, and which categories are listed below. These will be the list of things that the website will quote when you are off the job.

two, enterprise website plan book – website framework

a qualified website must have a qualified framework, so that it can facilitate crawler crawling, the general framework: Home – column page – content page, the 30% framework is the best structure.

three, enterprise website planning book – website column refinement

home thinning: home site is a web site embodies the center, but also the highest weight in the whole station. When the search engine is based on this page to enter the website for crawling inside, must be reflected in the home, and have a chain into the column list page "more" link identifier, the first is to search engine crawling, second is to let people know where to enter the column section. For each column placement, according to the column re – up, from top to bottom, from left to right rules.

page thinning: calculated slaughter page, category pages, pages and other quantities for each page of the plan. In the first column page refinement website home page, each column of all categories should be reflected in the corresponding column page, this time need to consider is the association between columns, which can facilitate the search engine in the crawl these pages by linking the crawling he page, but also can increase the compactness of the Association website and the biggest role is to increase the degree of PV. Another important issue is the column page, it is better not to have a model, which allows search engines to reduce similarity, place the rules with the home page.

four, enterprise website planning book – design website

has laid the foundation for the basic site, below should be to determine the design style of the website, the style of design for each plate after the now need to pay attention to is what needs to be focused is the most want to let customers see, for example, contact, promotions, doing these plates when you focus on obvious. Other styles can be unified, such a station will not seem chaotic, style features integration. Then design the website page,


five, enterprise website planning book – website code

website uses the backstage and the onstage dynamic page code: for example PHP. Then the front desk Code: div+css. Auxiliary code: Javascript, xml. >

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