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Discuss from six respects how does the website do ability just can retain a client

every webmaster every day around the search engine round, every day thinking about how the website optimization, hope to attract more users, but the search engine is around who turn? It is needless to say is of course user, no matter what method of screening to the website ranking, or to the user as the most basic starting point, careful observation is not difficult to find other sites, have a common point, can appeal to the user, can keep visitors. How to effectively retain visitors? All say "SEO" on the line, in fact, the focus is on itself.

1. Analyze client source


simply say, is to determine the correct direction of promotion, and do a good job in the promotion of the site will make things happen twice as much as half of work. If you have a clear purpose, you will know what you need to do and how you can do it well.

two, interface to establish friendly

, don’t take other factors into consideration. It’s clear that the eye-catching interface is very simple and can improve the initial impression of the website. Even if the website is not so perfect, the content is not so complete. At the very least, it won’t let the customer leave at once, and maybe transfer some of the content on the website to see if the content is useful or not. How to judge the interface is friendly, what is its standard? Simple structure, no false information, their advertising does not affect the customer’s serious experience on the line.

three, and also rich in content,

visitors need most is the content of the website, not very good, certainly will not have a good user experience, we don’t have to say to retain customers, visitors to the site to have two, 1, query information or entertainment information, but the content is not blind, valuable the dapper, and is most in need of the user, and to combine their own site to organize content, concentrate on doing a field will be professional, adhere to their own content will win customers welcome,

four, website to cultivate interactive

This feature of the

forum is very strong, so the forum is a place where visitors can stay, the general website should pay attention to the following points to increase the interactivity of the website. To vote on current events, ask for feedback, do not underestimate this function, and the user survey, make communication tools can effectively improve the site’s degree of attention, the best to write a few QQ group, soon there will be a lot of people to join, do a forum is a very good method.

five, to have certain entertainment

do a good website not only provides users with effective information, but also to understand what customers will need to keep the entertainment on the site add proper entertainment tools or small game also can effectively attract users, although the game in general, but the amount of users has brought to the website is not to be ignored the.

six, master a certain degree of psychological temperature

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