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Avoid website optimization in browsing without conversion misunderstanding

with the growing competition and the increasing number of websites, whether it is search engine optimization or website promotion, many small and medium-sized enterprise websites, their conversion rate in varying degrees of decline. More and more enterprises understand the site to hire SEO workers to maintain their own web sites, web site optimization continuous natural search ranking, this is a very correct strategy, the importance of enterprise website operation SEO to enter the field of e-commerce entrepreneurs must be considered and paid attention to, so for SEO workers, should try to avoid browsing no conversion embarrassed to appear in the website optimization, or when the traffic is rising, and the consultation and the turnover rate is not proportional, is in want of perfection.

said above embarrassment Chuangsheng think there are three main reasons:

1. is the keyword selected, not worth

did not make a purchase intention, the most obvious example, such as a clothes production enterprises, select a word is "clothes", so even if the word search volume is very high, when you do Baidu first, the traffic is to understand the clothes and manufacturing process related knowledge, and not want to buy, as can be imagined the conversion rate is not high, not very general, noun, valuable directional words even a very low flow rate, phase transformation rate is surprisingly high, and the cost of money, but money can be greatly reduced, this is the advantage of long tail keywords strategy use, so it is very key words.

2. web site itself, the quality of the interface can not keep up the grade

this can be done through the webmaster’s statistics, such as depth of view and residence time. If the keyword ranking is in front, but the web is crudely made, the value of experience is not high, just imagine who would believe a package, do not pay attention to the image of the enterprise, the structure of the web site is with our business facade, where trust is more careless about dressing, don’t try to take visitors into customers of our intentions the.

3. website content can not satisfy the user experience,

website optimization or website content is more important? The only assimilation and not bifurcation, if the experience with spam and so on ways to achieve the website search engine optimization ranking of words at the expense of the construction of website users, it is bound to bring traffic The loss outweighs the gain., away from you, that SEO allows us to transcend. The website is more convenient and more display in front of the user, the ultimate objective: to achieve the conversion efficiency. Therefore, to provide a unique enterprise culture and high quality technology sharing content construction, and to search for the purpose of the service to achieve the same, is the site of a virtuous circle of the correct optimization of the road.

: Chuangsheng think website construction and website optimization is not a simple copy. Without careful consideration, it is easy to let the website go astray. In addition to perseverance, the correct direction of development is the most important, that is, to the site positioning. The correct direction is followed by the correct square

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