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Sunshine always stand in the wind and rain after the station you insist

uses this article as a website to break the 10 thousand IP memorial.

08 years, I’ve been very substantial. In the first half of the year, I went crazy to study Seo and the second half of the experiment… This year, I thought about my life and thought about my happiness…

also picked up the mood this year, gave up the idea of rebuilding PvFans, chose a brand new start: to build the best PSP player network in the country. Try on how far you can walk alone, and see if you can do anything more than once, with more than 50 moderators working together to build a web site. See if you have really grown up after you have honed yourself.

anyway, it’s a great honor for me to register in this competitive world of networks, PSP, which is so closely related to www.psper.net.

At the same time,

retained knowledge reserves during his lost period because of his former partner’s departure. Remember how you learned the new way of building, as if you could control your thoughts and practice them, and you couldn’t control your excitement.

In February,

began to conceive the prototype of the website when he was at home for the new year, and set up BBS and CMS to induce spider

returned to school in March, ready for school opening and website feasibility analysis,

in April this time, the website has been Baidu and Google included, the earlier work is also accurate at this time, PSP player network officially began

from April to September, nearly half a year, the site has been slowly floating, during this period, the site has no weight, PR is not high, from PR0 to PR2.

I am

from over half of the keyword ranking statistics can be seen in the table, facing great competition, some sites even earlier than the PSP network game player 2 years of construction, at the time when the lack of PSP site of the old station is very much recommended, the chain is very rich. In a short period of time, it is very difficult to go beyond them. Plus they have been "zero" investment, but also almost no publicity.

traffic on the site increased by 50% in October compared with September. Site PR3, I started the PR links. It can be said that high-quality links can help a large extent to raise the rankings of a website.

‘s web traffic growth doubled in November, when it was worried how the sudden increase in traffic would remain.

December PR4, the site long tail keywords have a certain foreshadowing, popular keywords ranking front rising. But the opponent had to admit it was strong. Site traffic was 40% higher than in November.

January site is beginning to stabilise at ip6000~8000 every day

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