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Small lovers graduated from the tea shop easy to join the circle of wealth dream

for many entrepreneurs, in the beginning to join the entrepreneurial team, we must choose a good project. Below that is a pair of young lovers, is optimistic about the development of tea industry, tea shop management, realize the desire of wealth.

July 2014, a pair of just graduated from the University of small couples holding a thick stack of resumes rushed to the large recruitment. In the face of the masters of the cloud of competitors, the couple eventually failed to find a favorite job, even in the late round of interviews, but also to bring them a huge blow.

, like many newly graduated college students, they also have a dream ambition, but have to face the reality of the brutal pressure of competition. They accept the interview many strength, concluded that since he is occupation rookie, so why not go business? This Bo Bo does not matter, a piece of day.

in the side and some new friends to understand, now college students entrepreneurship is a very common thing, the nature of entrepreneurship and job almost, but in a different way to their work. The couple through the reality of the investigation, online search, and ultimately very successful to find their own want to join the tea brand Mi Zhilian.

with the late after a wide range of research, they also identified the milk tea. Of course, for just graduated many college students, graduate and perhaps tea shop open is not a glorious thing, but they take into account the tea market development and capital which is in line with their own needs, go.

the couple in the tea headquarters under the help from the site to the opening, all together devoted a lot of energy, spent several months after his tea shop finally opened smoothly, and opened at the beginning of the harvest high popularity.

in the course of the shop is not smooth sailing. They also encountered some problems in the operation of their tea shop, are conscientious. The opening of new stores and lively, full of two people hope, but some of the problems encountered at the beginning of operation so that they make ends meet a few months ago, they didn’t give up, don’t give up, because this is their choice.

After more than two years of development,

, the couple has been quietly saved hundreds of thousands. Looking back at other students, still struggling, can be said to be a success. It is they do not give up, insist on efforts to join the project through the tea to tap into the pot of gold in life.

through unremitting efforts, the couple has accumulated a small sum of money. Now they have to do what work about students for graduation, they just like the boss, embarked on the road of wealth. Now they want to succeed

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