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Small white Adsense advertising mission network was black record

this is my painful records, that is my aloof from the success of a recent attempt, I was also the first attempt, but failed, not failure in operation, not a failure in marketing, also not a failure in the plagiarism, but failed in safety. From that failure, I gradually attached importance to security, but the time has passed, and then the project now has no market, please listen to me slowly,


opened the 09 at the end of history, then Chinese Internet Wangzhuan station has just started, especially a called "advertising task network" model, has just started, the advertising task network as then a few years ago the network group purchase, overnight out of many. And at that time, I also saw this opportunity, and found that all the advertising tasks are new stations, so I also made a advertising mission network. I was still a college student at that time. I didn’t have much money to buy a genuine ad task network program, so I got a crack version. It took me 200 oceans, too.

I haven’t done any other websites before the

ad mission network, so it’s a small white dot. So it’s doomed to fail that time. Remember, the space for that time was 30 yuan for a Hongkong space. It was not as expensive as it is now. Registered domain name is called "conscience", meaning that we want to do with a conscience, conscience to make money. Wangzhuan station so open it. I used several ways to do promotion at that time.

one kind is in other advertising mission website above advertise, that time advertising task nets are new sites, but the flow of people is very much, basically every day there are thousands of people browse. At that time, the biggest I have to do now, I do not have long hair. So advertising between the ad networks is a very useful way of promotion at that time, and now the ad mission website has been used in this way, no good at that time, after all, has been used rotten. That is in other advertising tasks online advertising, the cost is not high, I remember that 30 yuan will be able to do a month’s home page pictures, banger advertising, advertising fees have now turned several times.

there is a QQ to the group of inside hair advertising, advertising task network mode determines the operation of more such sites earn more money, so that when I was in the QQ group which day information will have several people to register my website, so I insist on 2 months later I the website registered users exceeded 1000 people.

members also have mechanisms to retain membership, advertising began to borrow task network advertisers, so I will give yourself to do advertising, put their own ads in the task network above their own, in their own advertising online click task. So I kept a lot of customers, look at the site traffic at that time, basically every day active users use more than 800. That is, in this success, my website has been out of order recently

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