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What do users think when they contribute content weak relational network


wrote, "what do users think about when they contribute?" (in a strong relational network), in a network of strong relationships, in general, users simply brush their faces, brush their faces, and brush their faces. So, in a weak relational network, where are the users in a completely unfamiliar network, what are they thinking about in the process of UGC?

The so-called "weak relational network" of

refers to the relationship between people who are not frequent or completely strangers, corresponding to the strong relationship of frequent communication.

Mark · a paper published in 1973 by Victor granov, known as social network in the study of a very important literature. That is < >, his research found that: in fact the relationship with a person’s work and career the most close social relationships is not "strong", and is often "weak ties". "Weak ties" are not as strong as "strong ties" (Pyramid), but they have very fast, potentially low cost and efficient communication efficiencies.

This corresponds to the

instance is, in general lack of a sense of security Chinese users, weak networks seem to get better development, such as the early Baidu Post Bar, and watercress, unfamiliar street and then to know, this corresponds to the strong relationship between the network, seems to be the only Tencent in QQ space and gradually deserted the living circle of friends is good, it seems weak relationship network to get a better life. At the same time, these networks have become the starting point for many users of the original content.

in the weak relation network, the content of UGC by different community atmosphere will be different, so it is difficult for content like strong networks as user contributed content classification, so for the user’s motivation to do the analysis UGC.


, group convergence,

Baidu Post Bar from entertainment fans started, users in a Post Bar in the content is not necessarily how valuable content from a certain angle, but put them in a group, becomes completely different.

is very difficult to find and their interests from their own surroundings, the familiar people attribute equivalent, which is understood to be in a weak sense of belonging relation network can be called the group convergence.

in the same group, at the same time, because in the non real name environment, people can find their own kind of emotional outlet, which also become the largest user UGC power.

this is the future of China’s social network, that is why unfamiliar street insisted on doing groups, including the current credulity, contacts, are working in this direction.

two, I’m needed,

a person’s social circle is generally limited, and even if you are 10% active, one of your contributions will be limited in your circle of friends

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