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Small webmaster do stock home origin and experience

small webmaster do stock home origin and experience, today work things less, nothing. Just remember to write a web site for two months of some feelings and experiences. Hope to be able to share with the webmaster and those who are interested in the network.

himself is a shareholder who has a passion for stocks. 98 years into the market, in the beginning of the stock market for two years, because experience is not enough, often accompanied by money. Accompany most of the time from 10W shrink to 1.8W. I’ve been hoping for an exchange community like what I’m trying to do right now (stock forum, http://s.bbs.guhome.com). When I cry, I was sad, but there was a hard, just want to have a face to face with family and friends. Prepare yourself for death. But in the end, with the help of my good friends and family, I woke up. And to study stock knowledge, and in the later years, as the technology continues to improve, my stock account market value is slowly increasing.

              before and after 02 years, I have been around some of the investors and the local call warren. Of course I know I’m not what Warren, just a little harder than others. Some more high technology. That’s it。 In the latter part of the time, personally led the operation, and led the market value of the team members continue to slowly increase. This is what I feel most happy and most gratified. Record at 07 last year, the most abundant harvest.

          the market capitalisation has nearly doubled 5 years from the end of 06 to the end of 07. Of course, this is inseparable from last year’s big bull market. Since the second half of last year, the stock market has been declining, the loss of popularity. Hear the sound of the flesh. And most of the new investors just entering the market, as well as new investors who have not enough experience in the stock market. And in many groups heard a lot of stock, want to seek a good place to learn stock knowledge, but have been unable to find. Think of the website that specializes in offering stocks, e-books, downloads, or stock articles, and searched them all over the internet. No, there’s not enough information about it. It’s not full. It’s a lot of advertising inside, or it’s the kind of website that offers mobile phone numbers and offers stock advisory services. So the depths of inspiration triggered an idea: if I were a website dedicated to offering stocks, electronic books, downloads, and stock articles to read, it would provide a good place for these investors to learn. Isn’t that great? Besides, a friend of mine is a book holder. He has a lot of books and materials. Think of it, do it. So the idea of starting the station has come into being and began to act.

in March this year, after the preparation, officially began construction of the site. Through more than a month of fighting night and day, and finally completed the construction of the site in April. After debugging the machine, after looking for friends to try the work, I spent several hundred yuan to buy empty.

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