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The nine day the way of operation of county portal website eight

      I’ve been writing about County portal websites all the time. Why? It’s about my experience. I direct and indirect portal County operation operation also has 3, the longest time is 5 years, in this respect can be said to have some experience, but also found a solution to the problems in the operation of the A5, a lot of good webmaster soft also learned a lot of good things to learn it can be said, or have the right to speak in the county portal site operation, I write this article, only one, is to let more do County portal website stationmaster friends to earn money, this is what I want most.

we all know, the Internet is a gold mine, many people want to dig, but this does not mean to dig, everyone can dig, in which the Internet’s profit model is critical. From the operation of many famous websites, all successful Internet Co have their own clear profit model, or have a killer model, or there are several modes at the same time. GOOGLE, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, including most of the A5 stationmaster net profit model known as advertising revenue, Taobao, Dangdang is the profit model is the product sales, of course, now the group purchase website normalized in a complete mess.

, but there are also such strange phenomena in the Internet, some websites can earn enough popularity, but not necessarily to make money. The typical example of this is blog, SNS website. Blog this kind of network application is really popular with Internet users, but China blog network has not found the best profit model, even the operation is difficult. Again, SNS website, recently, such as ants nets, 360 laps and other SNS website failure is the same reason. The same thing in the early years is also troubled by the forum website, like the famous xici.net forum, since most of the advertising more and more, many users have been lost.

what is the perfect mode of profit County portal operation? Is the advertising model + sales + service station mode, the advertisement refers to local advertising, product sales mainly to local business product sales, this is why? How many webmaster would say don’t put Baidu and GOOGLE advertising. For two reasons, one is the majority of the county people online is less, the average daily amount of IP 1000IP is already very good, put BAIDU, GOOGLE advertising revenue is relatively small, the website daily 2000IP put Baidu ads every day only about 20 yuan of income, the effect can be said to be medium. Two, because the majority of Internet users visit the county town, the county’s services and products of greater appeal and demand, so choose the county’s products, the effect is better. Town portal operators never universal model that can be replicated, is in the dark to meet the needs of users, to more users, by providing differentiated excellent and efficient service mode, win users love >

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