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Do you have a rough sense on your website


I graduated from a professional web design, have little talent and less learning, but the optimization of a blank background and, to A5 for a period of time, saw a lot of people to write articles, that benefit, although we take for their own website and write soft "attempt", but also share a lot of useful knowledge today, the exposed head out to share some of my experience, if that’s not the right place, I hope everyone criticism, any similarity is purely coincidental. My major is doing only the skin, so here I do the psychological analysis of all the elements that can be seen on the website, but there are many analysis, optimization and program problems.

what I call "roughness" is what you usually call websites that are very "twisted" or "Shanzhai", and the user experience is very bad. We are the webmaster, also in search of the visitors, often encounter a lot of website snapshot, is really in front row, but there is no point in, let people feel "trash" and "advertising station", "there must be a virus" and so on, the idea of this website, even if there is a visitor. Is not conducive to long-term development.

How does

allow visitors to feel less like their website? I’ve summed up the following 4 points:

a good domain name

has a good saying, "good websites don’t have good domain names. Good domain names can make good websites."

I give the rank by domain name:


full English / full digital and site name consistent

no doubt, this is the best domain name, of course, the development of the network today, many of the short classic domain name has been registered, resulting in some domain name expensive.




digital, pre English, and website related,

is usually homophonic or has a number in the name of the site, and it’s better to remember.




full digital and site name independent,

even though we see NetEase or 17173, we think this domain name is great! But because there is no direct contact with the web site name for the grass-roots webmaster, see what your domain can, because it may be of any type the domain name of the website, so need great efforts in publicity, etc. we have set (see 163 think NetEase) it is really successful.




English before digital,

has begun to feel rough from this domain name, as if it were in the time of registering an account

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