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Make friends in the network making friends and learning never stop

access to the network has been close to six months, and already have a certain degree of technology and experience, individuals are more satisfied, because I have self-confidence, I believe in the near future, I will harvest a lot. I believe that there is a reward in return, and I am a person who knows how to give and pay.

although I’m making continuous progress in the Internet, the gout stone is losing something, such as my health, my time, my studies…… Indeed, networking is not an easy thing to do, especially for the one I just started. To begin with, I have just my time, my energy, my brain, I have no money, no technology, no team. And now, I have a certain amount of money, a certain technology, as well as a small team. So, I feel my spring is coming……

is sometimes lonely on the Internet, especially when you don’t have a team. Everything seems slow, slow and tiring. Well, I have a very good wife, from the previous strong opposition to me, to the rogue, and then to the present support. I feel that the individual has been very satisfied, and she can always accompany me, look at me, support me, and then tired, and then what is bitter, to the lover’s arms lie down for a while, everything is gone.

then, I am glad that I can know so many good friends network, or some network master, they taught me a lot of things, let me save a lot of time to understand these knowledge; some are very good friends, our solidarity and cooperation, a construction site, and then spread out, we harvest a lot of achievements; some new friends, they asked me to help me to help them by invitation, and then answer their questions, not much progress, continue to make more people. I am particularly grateful to the camel, the owner of today’s Yichang network is his trust, and his help has enabled me to stand firm on the Internet, and then continue to progress. Thank all the administrators of Yueyang life net, you pay is the core of the website, and I’m always sorry for you, you have to pay so much, and I because the technology is not strong, has brought great influence to the development of the website.

finally, thank you for reading this article. I want to remember my screen name: 0cai (Ling Cai). The article begins with a personal independent blog: www.0cai.net.

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