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Experience summary do a few ideas of website

character determines fate, as well as standing. The growth of a website has a lot to do with the personality of a station. I have done standing for more than a few years, and I do stand like their own personality, with its own unique style. I want to bring in some say, Xianbaixianbai (actually reference).

is the domain name first. We have done standing know, do station first step to register domain name, domain name importance not say, I pay attention to the domain name choice. A good domain name, its benign role should not be overlooked. I prefer to choose Shuangpin or less than 5 bit digital domain name, now a lot of registered full or not, can choose three jiao 10 letter about it. At the same time, the name of the site must match with the domain name, so as to remember deeply. Such as Baidu is baidu. That’s why users find it easy. If you can’t find the domain name to the domain name trading forum with others for help, to spend money to buy a good domain name or value.

secondly, talk about space. If you register a domain name, you have to think about how to buy space. I always think that saving is the biggest premise, because the previous site is not profitable, so saving is the most important. So choose cheap space, or by others, really need not online line to rent a server, unless you burn money hungry. The highlight of the site is on-line testing, and as the site is built, the software is slowly improving, allowing you to slowly increase hardware (such as server bandwidth) facilities. Some websites don’t have to have too much bandwidth, so you don’t have to buy a server, so you have a good understanding of the performance of your site.

more about promotion methods. Before I have a bad habit, too impatient, a do stand immediately post promotion site, now have the experience, change method. A line is slowly small website promotion, get some small test users, which website can perfect 100%, Baidu can not do ah, so we get users click on insufficient information, so online website can not be impatient for publicity, not only minor, but will appear opposite effect. And SEO is so slowly included. I suggest in the new station in the early stage, or the first to do the content, increase the weight ranking, and then do propaganda best.

linking policy is also a good way. For grassroots Adsense, the highest cost-effective publicity is SEO, so in this must be involved in the links. Just a built site, without any PR value, do link exchange everywhere, certainly not. I think, not just online website within one quarter of any Links, beginning a friend you can do a few outside the chain, or borrow more blogs and soft Wen get outside the chain, BBS signature nor a good way. Just a quarter of station must be very hard, as far as possible in the next update to PR 4 is the best, this is the basis of the exchange links, the effect is also good, of course, if only to PR 3 can also exchange some exchange, now mostly by pr.

how to make money, we all want to know. Do stand >

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