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Three years of experience in operating local websites summary

, first of all, introduce my website development process, and make a foreshadowing for the following.

I built a website called Kak network, namely Xinjiang Kashi area and Kezhou area common life portal.

December 28, 2007, the state information network was built. When the program background is PHPCMS, when the acquisition of PHPCMS com. After the acquisition of PHPCMS development is slow, more loopholes. After comprehensive consideration, give up.

January 2009, the official opening of the Ka gram net www.kakew.com domain at the same time, after the new year, program production started on-line. Kak net meaning Kashi oblast and italy. July began to encounter network control, due to domain name registration, space and other reasons, the site closed.

April 24, 2010, new Kak net start. The website consists of three parts: classified information, online shopping network and communication community (SNS). Among them, the focus is doing online shopping in the city.

experience a: the site should have a clear positioning.

for many years, has been groping, always unable to find a suitable site for the development of the model. In July 2009, after Xinjiang broke the net, it gave me the opportunity to think. The reflection, aware of a word, people do stand, not too big for perfection. Focus on what you want to do.

experience two: site development phase to clear

I put the

network for Kak four stages of development. One is to build a platform, has been completed, the Ka gram network program after nearly six months of testing, very stable. This stage of the establishment of the platform, but also appropriate publicity, there are users experience procedures, in order to find out the applicability of the program. If you are using a free local website’s CMS program. The two is to supply goods, this is being implemented, do e-commerce in the same city, selected goods especially important. The three is to form a team. Development of the local Internet is not a person can do, need a group of people to do this undertaking, so if you want to do big, must set up a good team. Four is in full swing, including the salesman running business, organize group buying activities, website publicity, etc..

experience three: publicity should be suitable for their own

I am currently

and local advertising companies have cooperation, conduct propaganda in their DM advertising. Besides, I have other ways of promoting it.

bicycle bodywork ad


human advertising brand


if your city is small, these two methods I feel good, if the city is big, can publicity on the single DM, what, don’t spend the money, the printing fee is not expensive, labor cost is very expensive.

besides, some posters and posters should be posted in shops, supermarkets and small restaurants

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