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WeChat red effect of WeChat public platform opening certification and operation promotion skills

New Year’s work has been a few days, but there are still many colleagues still remember the Spring Festival during the "WeChat red packets."". I do not know how many friends received WeChat launched the new year red envelopes? The author thanks to an old age to you! In the WeChat envelopes attack on the case of Alipay, as a marketing staff, should be able to see the powerful place WeChat marketing platform, we work together to share the WeChat open, certification and operational skills.


established WeChat platform official public number


public platform to the public number limit is relatively low, so, even then a small individual, but also can easily set up to run on the WeChat platform, using the convenient condition for the Tencent to provide enterprise marketing, corporate brand marketing.

After the

platform of WeChat public account is set up, the next step is to improve the enterprise’s information, subtly improve the information, the use of a good grasp of their own advantages, to push their products and services to customers, using a small convenient communication tool can easily promote Internet users push information to the.

certified WeChat public platform account

WeChat platform is divided into subscription number and service number of two types. But as WeChat’s update, many of the functions tend to be similar. The subscription number can also customize the menu. After the public number authentication, is more advantageous to constructs constructs everybody to spread mutually and the communication bridge. Building more powerful business services and user management capabilities to help companies quickly achieve a new public service platform. However, the general enterprise and individual difficult to pass WeChat certification, at this time you can pass the certification of the best network to help you quickly through certification. WeChat carries out strict authentication and management for different types of accounts, and provides more functional improvements for different types of public accounts.

now has several updates to WeChat’s new version. Support service number for the new WeChat certification, and opened the advanced interface, service number authentication can open high-level interface, but also new developers Q & a system, to provide an interactive platform for developers.

WeChat public platform operations promotion skills

WeChat positioning function: WeChat is a major feature, you can clearly display the crowd near the information, after positioning with the user to say hello, this can also play a certain role in advertising. The content of orientation must be closely linked with the characteristics of the enterprises, to the problem in the user’s point of view, the station keenly aware of the user’s perspective, WeChat is for individual users, users need to give WeChat what customers will be attracted to love you, to accept you, then sales will behoove. Do valuable content, will be appreciated and recommended by customers.

selects high quality, read value push content: occasional sharing of little knowledge, you can get the reference of interested users, virtually formed a propaganda against the enterprise. As for content push, I’d like to talk about two parties

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