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From the purpose of writing soft text to select the soft form of writing

soft words do not have too much explanation, I believe the bubble A5 people know. It’s writing, writing, and invisibility to promote your website or product. But for us and the webmaster, in fact, there are many kinds of soft, but I look at the article A5 always feel a lot of webmaster, do not know where the soft Wen in the end to soft


in Admin5 to see if a URL is soft, no matter what the writer’s purpose is, or whether the articles and the site is related, in their eyes as long as the site of the all is soft, perhaps slowly also made early now each article on the ADMIN5 whether it is reproduced in the news or the Internet experience. All want to hang a website! Don’t feel a need to come here. He did not send the article! Maybe it is a good point, someone once said that everyone do everything with a purpose to do, is not groundless, pull to write articles I think is the same every writer, also have their own inner purpose driven.

article on ADMIN5 is webmaster, is propaganda own site, but just an article, followed by a web site, or somewhere else to copy the others put into their own web site, and some owners of a new soft turned out, but the truth are you really! Or you this article called "soft"? The real soft Wen did not want their web site in the text, because of from beginning writers are guiding readers to accept their own subconscious site or product, remember a soft Wen wrote to a friend, a completely new sites, a new keyword, the long more this is no one to notice and search words, through their own packaging and the "soft" in a very short period of time into a per Day search thousands of words, this is the soft Wen, interested friends can go to study the happy net article,


there is a soft choice publishing platform, even if you write the soft, again good, say you want to advertise a slimming product or website, you Adsense nets to release, you want to take effect to you? Not to say the webmaster is male, also cannot say is to lose weight woman, but if released at a weight loss of the platform, the same effect which is good, everyone can see


finally said that, in A5 the webmaster who will bring for each web site, not because he wanted to go to the real soft own website real soft to their products, bring subliminal conversion rates and benefits to themselves, but to increase their website weight, the chain has increased since, because stationmaster net article back quickly around the article reproduced! Also is a short period of time to help their rapid increase in the number of the chain! Maybe that’s why no matter ADMIN5 of the article is on the experience or the Internet or even the ideal setting for a couple in love, the article is written is stationmaster net forum today which revision afraid of their own "

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