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Content is king so that the station ranked first in the top five

recently, customer service feedback, to actively find links to many stations, and many stations are excellent standing of the industry, which proves that this station optimization more successful down. Looking back, the most important thing is to attach importance to the update and release of original content. Here to talk about keenly aware of

one. From the beginning of the web site, adhere to the original content. Now, look at many qualifications than we old, optimize the time than the long web site, its webmaster all initiative to find friendship links, because this step makes optimization work to maintain stability and forefront. At present, the top five words in Baidu top. And only three months to set up more points. Baidu search engine for a website has a good degree of trust, later, will be high frequency to patronize this trusted site, and promptly and quickly included in the content of the site.

1. insists on updating the content of the website. The site insists on updating about five new articles every week. It’s usually updated at night. Spiders are said to be night owls, and this has proved true.

2. is actively looking for quality external links. Since the station is the quality of the station started, so request the other station must have content, often updated, PR is not the most important. Baidu snapshot in three days, and so on. Truly reflects the chain of friends is not much, and in the quality of good advantage.

3. raises 35 blogs. Sina, Sohu, and so on. And keep updating. This proved very effective.

4. keeps space stable. This time, due to increased flow, specially enlarged space size, spend more money, value.

two. Article writing, around keywords, keep keywords appear, and links to home page,.

three, do not change the title. What’s more, it can’t be changed a lot. We only changed it two times, but it’s not moving at all. So as to avoid the risk of being K,

original content how to write

1, a unique example,

Baidu spider most welcome unique content, and this station is a service type website, many of the latest case articles are constantly updated.

2, unique content, not only can improve the attraction of the site, but also for your site to bring large flow.

3 each article is added with copyright notice

4, integrating articles of the same nature, makes it easier for customers to quickly find what they need, and also makes it easier for search engines to find your pages.

5, optimize the article picture

optimizes the key images with appropriate ALT tags that contain keywords.

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