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s the core of the UGC community products a user incentive system

UGC class now quite a lot of community, I feel a lot of PGC+UGC. The fact is if the UGC community is actually by a group of Master in the drive, then the problem, want to do the activity, what kind of user incentives more effective? Put aside the user incentive this game is not just not going to play


Author: Claire

let me answer from the side.

(1) sense of presence. What users need in the community is the sense of existence, especially the new users, new users into a community, some people praise, comment, and some people interact with it, this sense of existence is the user needs.

to pmcaff, for example, a new user to come in and send a question and answer post, no one browse, no answer, then the new user will certainly be lost, and no good incentives are useless. The premise of incentive measures is that users first get the sense of being in the community, and this sense of existence is very encouraging to users.

in and nice are two pictures of social applications, I as a newcomer, in both in and nice upload pictures, in above without any reaction, but nice has won many people (female users) praise, this sense of achievement is very strong, this "attention" presence is more efficient than any incentive measures, user behavior in UGC in the community have responded, get a sense of presence, which is the needs of users.

gives new people a sense of being and is the most effective incentive for the community.

(2) good operation and management. A tens of millions of users of the community, if there is no operational ability to match, users, content will be scattered.

Post Bar to Baidu for example, Baidu Post Bar official is general manager, each Post Bar is secondary to managers, to a Post Bar is very active, it Post Bar operation ability is very important, how will the hot top, how to encourage other users to post replies, such as how to enlarge the influence of Post Bar, and among the members of social skills are very particular.

Baidu paste bar, the official needs to do a good job management, can not allow users and stick bar owners random development, ills too much.

she is a female community community products, the operation logic is "Post Bar" mode, but the difference lies in the way in which they called circle, each post in a circle in a logical, user access to communication in the circle, in the subdivision of the interval, allowing users to communicate with each other.

says management is because many communities are dead on the management, managers do not act, garbage content and users Hang Seng, is bound to affect the normal operation of the entire product.


is a community, trash account information flow in continuous brush garbage content, the user experience is quite heavy damage.


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