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Network media joint evaluation 2010 site building system TOP10

by tianjiwang, Liberation Daily, ITBEAR, Chinese webmaster, WEB development network, Donews network and other well-known media jointly recommended evaluation according to the domestic well-known domain name and virtual hosting service providers (sudu.cn) Chinese name ten website statistics derived in 2010 China webmaster site ten commonly used site procedures are as follows (for every leader the field is not ranked),:

1, Shopex

site type: online store

program: more than 85% independent shop to occupy the domestic market, strong function, template numerous, and has been integrated with Taobao, pat, ah shop management interface is the best program of building independent online store brand.

case: a purchase network http://s.www.01goo.com

2, Phpwind

site type: local portal e-commerce website

program description: Alibaba’s excellent old community system, can realize forums, portals, real estate, Amoy satisfaction, Amoy links and other e-commerce applications, the overall value of small and medium-sized communities. Phpwind is actually part of the Alibaba’s big Taobao strategy.

case: Chengdu beer and skittles, http://s.www.52ch.net

3, Cmstop

site type: media information website

Description: CmsTop is a focus in the field of information CMS, provide professional information system solutions for large and medium-sized commercial sites, mainly in the service of traditional media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines), network media and commercial websites and other information channels.

case: China military software park information http://s.news.newhua.com

4, Dedecms

site type: personal website, information portal,

Brief introduction: Dedecms

program for beginners is very easy to use, template making, the push is also relatively simple application, even if only a little knowledge of HTML novice can be very good for the station, and more suitable for the user to develop two times.

case: "youth digest" magazine http://s.www.qnwz.cn

5, PHP168

site types: classified information, media, newspapers, large portals, government level bureau website and enterprise website platform

program description: domestic excellent open-source CMS system, large and complete, template production is relatively simple, providing articles, news, pictures, downloads, shopping malls, built-in features, orders, exams

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