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User experience a pass at the network intersection

The miracle of the

network always happens around us. Everything is possible. The advertising language is really tacky here, and the civilian heroes’ repertoire is like a great remake of the American legend blockbuster, but is it really that simple,


September 2009, ushered in Alibaba’s 10th anniversary, 45 year old ma, the genius of the characters, plus Ma branded Alibaba, bring unlimited inspiration to network colleagues. Not only because of the market value of $26 billion achievements of thousands of millionaires, more Ali is ten years, such as one day adhere to and abide by. Ten years ago, the Alibaba was only more than 100 square meters of home in Hangzhou’s lakeside garden.

from the Alibaba hard electronic commerce life bleeding Road, SNS to Facebook and then to the concept of A new force suddenly rises., overnight swept the world of the Twitter, the rise of the network enterprise reflects the pulse frequency and speed of network, and its success has a common characteristic: this site before, not the same type of website, or not this type of website localization.

yes, it is not just coincidence, this is the crystallization of human whimsy. Repeat to do what others have already done; the highest achievement is nothing but good reproductions; and a pioneering career will attract everyone’s attention, for it is unique, so outstanding.

, and it all comes down to the importance of the user experience. In recent years, the network of intersection accidents after all to imitate and follow the trend of famous website, a bowl of soup in the short term, the long past, but no operational thinking and profit pattern clear, inevitably eliminated. Successful copycat cases are equally many, but it must add more suitable and highlight the features of the website highlights, such as happy net, carrying many advantages of SNS, but also very easy way to consider white-collar crowd user experience, the perfect combination of API games and white-collar crowd, a simple game to steal food to buy, but happy is a publicity stunt, relieve the work pressure is appropriate, after the population legend popular since the unstoppable.

user experience restricts the rules of network intersection, and the entrepreneur stops in time according to the network characteristics, and the user experience as the indicator light of the intersection undoubtedly plays a vital role.

one day, an entrepreneur thinks of an idea – let the user call a number, record it, and then automatically publish it to his blog. Then the other two he and the team will change to allow users to synchronize the interesting speech record to a new site in iPod ", after all the rampage, the site will be released and throughout the world.

, this site is Twitter. In today’s network world, the user experience website, like access to the network intersection pass, in a competitive field of expertise to gain a favorable position. As the current popular SNS portal in "Qi search" and "general" are fully consider the user group >

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